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Fighting Addiction is hard.

 You  don't  have  to  do  it  alone

Knowing where to start and finding the right treatment for you is overwhelming. Here are some resources to take your first or next step in recovery. 

There are people who care about you and want to help.


Helplines are a direct line to specialists who care and want to help. They can provide information such as treatment options, how to help a loved one and finding a treatment center 

If you are in an emergency do not call a helpline. Call for emergency help right away.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) helpline  -  Confidential information service for individuals faced with substance use or mental health issues. Available in both English and Spanish


1 (800) NCA-CALL (622-2255)

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) HOPE LINE  -  Directs callers to numerous affiliate programs, at a local level, with substance use issues.

1 (800) 448-3000

Boys Town National Hotline  -  Crisis and resource line where counselors can provide information on varying issues including substance use

1 (800) 999-9999 

Covenant House Teen Hotline (NineLine)  -  Specializes in homeless and runaway youths, provide assistance with any problem—including alcohol and drug use

855-378-4373 or text 55753  -  Provides support and education to guide you to the best course of action


Al-Anon and Ala-teen Hotline  -  Counselors support teens and adults impacted by alcohol addiction


National Suicide Prevention hotline  -  Not only for suicide, they also offer help on issues with drug and alcohol use

1 (800) 662-HELP (4357)

National Institute on Drug Abuse  -  Receive 24/7 help in finding local drug treatment centers

Text CONNECT to 741741

Crisis Text Line  -  The first crisis line that is made specifically for texting

Online Resources

***Certificates of Enrollment and Completion or other documentation available to provide proof of participation for family, employer or judge.  

Recovery Forums and Communities

 Recovery forums and communities can help you answer questions and learn from the personal experiences of peers and professionals. Even if you aren't ready to get sober, they can help with harm reduction and provide a support system of people who understand and want to help you succeed.***

With chat rooms, daily meetings,  and thousands of forums covering everything from initial detoxification to living a balanced, sober life. Helping you take charge of your recovery.***

Social Media for those in recovery. Make a profile, have status updates and connect with a recovery community of more than 650 thousand members. Free anonymous meetings daily and hundreds of recovery specific forums***

Attend Narcotics Anonymous  meetings either by video or phone call. Multiple meetings available daily. Virtual Alcoholics Anonymous is also available.

A movement of those in recovery getting stronger together. Through community workouts, both in person and through  livestreams, you can find build strength to recover and a supportive community of friends. "The cost of membership is 48 hours of sobriety. Thats it."

A community of over 175 thousand members with forums, blogs, articles and help finding local treatment, making multi-faceted recovery accessible

Thousands of forums to help specific addictions and  mental challenges. Opioid addiction is the most popular topic with over six thousand discussions and 60 thousand messages posted.

With forums about coping with triggers, recovering after a relapse and learning from the past this reddit page is a safe space to “discuss the various ways to achieve and maintain a life free from active addiction.”


Help finding low cost or free treatment


With information on COVID safe, low cost and free rehabs in every state this site is a great resource in finding affordable and accessible treatment near you.  You can call 24/7 looking for help finding treatment and to answer any treatment questions.


Find treatment near you with search filters including type of treatment,  distance, cost / payment method, age and language.You can also refine your search based on medications offered and services for specific groups such as veterans, LGBT and deaf or hard of hearing.

Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services

This directory provides contact information for the state government agencies that coordinate the delivery of addiction treatment services to individuals who are uninsured or have low incomes. Email or call your state agency and ask about any government-funded rehab centers where you may be qualified to receive treatment.


Online Treatment***

Self-directed online wellness platform for individuals struggling with addiction. Video-clips, behavioral self-contracts, supportive and informative downloads, emails, grounding techniques, and a forum moderated by a clinician for immediate support and resources. 

6 month access,  module 1-7  -  $629

12 month access, modules 8-13 $1200

Monthly access for $129


This holistic online recovery program was developed by a psychiatrist specializing in addiction. It's designed to rewire the thoughts and emotions underlying addictive behavior using exercises, reflections, challenges, focused journaling and therapeutic music. The program consists of 6 modules: The science of addiction behavior; Addiction; Cravings; False Pleasures, Emotional Pain/Distress, and Health. Lessons run from 3-10 minutes to fit into your life and help maintain focus. Program is self paced and can be completed in 12 weeks.

$1 trial for 14 days

$119 a month

$79 a month if you sign up for a year

$1299 for lifetime use

Online Substance Abuse Treatment***

OSAT provides two types of online treatment. OSAT follows up both of these treatment programs with 42 weeks of professional aftercare via online chat at no extra cost. 

Self-directed online treatment:

30 day work-at-home program with 30 downloadable interactive chapters of condensed knowledge from our inpatient treatment program plus 5 online tests. A new chapter is available to download each day. You can also schedule live one-on-one treatment sessions with an OSAT counselor for $95 per hour. 

Full 30 day Program $1,100

Live online counseling: 

Three times a week over ten weeks, group members meet online under the guidance of an experienced addiction counselor to work on addiction recovery issues using cognitive therapy and the 12-Step approach. 

30 one-hour group sessions for $1,100 

30 three-hour group sessions for $1,600


Living With Someone After Rehab

Information on what to expect and how to help when you live with someone coming back from rehab.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Information about recovery, types of recovery and related resources


Descriptions of the ways addiction is treated to better understand what lies ahead in recovery. Types of treatment, therapies and support groups available. 

Addiction Recovery Guide

In depth information on all steps of recovery. Assisting individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism find help that best suits their needs.

You are loved.   You are worth recovery.   You deserve peace.

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