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The LavaLamp Foundation was founded to continue the work that Tyler had started. His kindness and perseverance to make the world better drives us every day.

Tyler Hallahan was born on July 25th 1993.

 He had a happy childhood playing soccer, breezing through school and professionally annoying his siblings by banging on the piano.

As he grew older Tyler’s true intelligence and personality began to show. He was an avid skateboarder, an Eagle Scout who found AP Chemistry easy and loved the mountains. He could finish a Rubik’s cube in 20 seconds and had a collection of any type or shape of Rubik’s cube you could find. His piano banging turned into hours long piano melodies completely improvised. But most importantly he was kind. Tyler was compassionate and loving to everyone he met.  

It’s unclear exactly when Tyler’s opioid use started but by the age of 19 Tyler was fully addicted and heroin was controlling his life. We watched as we saw pieces of his intelligence slip away and his kindness be taken advantage of. 

Addiction took many things, one thing it could not take was Tyler’s compassion. Whether in recovery or deep in relapse Tyler continued to be kind and worked to make a positive change anywhere he could. He would drive anyone anywhere at any time, he would help friends get treatment and support them while he was still fighting for himself. 

Many of his relapses began because while in recovery he still wanted to help those he knew who were struggling, often putting himself in the same room as heroin. Tyler’s compassion was often taken advantage of. He was robbed, assaulted, threatened and had a dozen people who would use him for his kindness.

Tyler knew he was being taken advantage of, and he didn’t care. Tyler understood that a lot of people didn’t have the love and support he did, so he wanted to provide that for others. He didn’t care who you were or what you’ve done, Tyler wanted to help you in any way he could.

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Tyler never lost his kindness, but we lost Tyler. On May 27th, 2019 Tyler Hallahan died from an overdose of Heroin and fentanyl.


The people who were with him did not get help until after Tyler was gone. 

Had they tried to get help, Tyler would have survived.  

The LavaLamp Foundation was created to continue Tyler's work, it truly is what Tyler would have created. Full of love, compassion and understanding. Striving everyday to be the LavaLamp at the end of the tunnel.

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