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Paint and chill 

-1 hour

Relaxing Watercolors

-1 hour

Bob Ross painting

-1 hour

Draw/paint movie scenes with me

-30 minutes

Digital Painting

Digital painting Tutorial -1 hour

Real time digital painting

-2 hours

Full digital painting process

-30 minutes

Photoshop painting

-8 minutes

Sculpting a man on a horse 

- 30 minutes

Real Time tattoo

-4 hours

Sculpting a face tutorial 

-1 hour

Sculpting / Tattooing

Full chest tattoo 

-1hour 30 minutes


Real time art, drawing and coloring

-6 hours

Relaxing eye sketch with charcoal

-30 minutes

Relaxing sketching with pencil

-1 hour 30 minutes

Draw with me with oil pastels 

-1 hour

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